Coaching for leaders

As a leader, your performance is only as good as that of your team and your team’s performance is only as good as its leader.

Even now, businesses often have a very dated and reactive approach to leadership and it’s this that inhibits a leader’s effectiveness in a changing landscape. Top down leadership is years from being out of date and soon the expectation of leading people is going to be dramatically different. This leaves many organisations and leaders struggling to stay afloat in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous nature of today’s global business environment. This rapid rate of change is swirling around many of us like turbulence around a plane, tipping us this way and that as leaders and organisations attempt to navigate a safe passage through it all.

So, what does this all mean?

In the near future, leaders will need new skills, behaviours and ways of working that embody purpose and relationship capability, enable change and maximise emotional intelligence. To develop yourself to be a more effective leader, you may find that you need to change behaviours, focus on achieving results, maximise and realise your potential and have the ability to tackle the broader challenge of dealing with complex change.

Coaching in Practice

Changing behaviours
At Chameleon People, we believe that behavioural change is based in a very simple concept – the encouragement of positive behaviours and discouragement of negative ones. We work with the leader on the individual change they need to make and we’ll look, in depth, at identifying behaviours that affect performance, measuring these behaviours, analysing each in turn and creating a strategy to tackle any issues.

Achieving results
When it comes to achieving and weighing up results, we know that we internalise our reactions, whether we’ve succeeded or not. By changing our thought processes, we can change the way we respond to situations, although this is sometimes the most complex change of all. To tackle this, we’ll use tools based in cognitive therapy to create clear goals and eliminate self limiting or defeating beliefs.

Maximising potential
All leaders want to maximise their potential and we believe that the more you know yourself and what you stand for, the more effective you can be. That’s why we’ll use a humanistic psychological approach to growth and development, helping you to learn to maximise the power of both your rational and emotional consciousness as a leader.

Dealing with change
Hundreds of years of research have gone into analysing how people react to change, and we’ll use this work to understand people’s natural reactions and emotions during a change process, how they deal with them and how to help them through the highs and lows of the transition.

How Chameleon People can help

Our certified coaches can help you tackle the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis with real resilience. We’ll give you the tools you need to create a team environment that breeds great ideas, performance and cohesion, all geared towards getting your organisation and your career exactly where you want it.

As for our coaching clients, we’ll leave it to you to take ownership of your development, knowing that coaching is always most effective when it’s part of your own self-directed learning. A lot of the change scenarios we’ve highlighted will mean learning something new, adjusting to a new way of operating or even unlearning something. And we know from experience that learning and change becomes possible when you’re taking purposeful steps, so that all your subsequent actions lead to the best possible outcome.

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