Coaching for teams

After years of experience and research, we’ve become experts in team dynamics, and we believe the key to building a high performing, perfectly synchronised team is making sure every member knows their role and how they fit into the team.

That’s why we created Team Geometry – a whole new perspective on what it takes to form an inspired and exceptional team. It’s a framework to help pinpoint the key skills, talents, strengths and personalities in your team, helping you make those crucial connections between the right people at the right time. With Team Geometry, you’ll get the chance to see beyond job titles, qualifications and CVs and instead see the four angles of a team: Connectors, Innovators, Curators and Producers.

Of course, everyone is multifaceted and you’ll find that people fill different roles at different times. The key is to harness the power of each role where and when you need it. By discovering which angles are your personal strengths, you’ll know where your natural talents lie and where to concentrate your efforts to fulfill your full potential. Who knows, you may even surprise yourself.

As a leader, your performance is only as good as that of your team. If you really want to build teams that work, you need more than the right people — you need the insight and experience to be a great leader. And that’s precisely what you’ll get with Team Geometry.

Our coaching method

Once you’ve got a good idea of your team’s mix of talents, capabilities and skills, it’s time to use that knowledge.

This is where Team Coaching comes into play. It’s not just a corporate get-together to talk about yourselves, it’s an intervention that focuses entirely on increasing team performance.

We’ll start by facilitating conversations between team members with the aim of making more effective use of their collective skills, knowledge and interests. Next, we’ll create the opportunity for the team to reflect together on its goals and objectives and how everyone is working together to achieve them. We’ll support you throughout and tackle specific challenges as they crop us, all geared towards building stronger and more productive relationships.

Lastly, we’ll be there to stimulate a thought provoking partnership. One where your team has the tools to gain insight, clarify goals, define boundaries and roles, reflect on team dynamics and enhance the team’s ability to respond effectively to complex challenges.

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